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Woodsmere Holdings Corp. (Woodsmere) is a vertically integrated holding corporation specializing in land acquisitions, multi-family design, purpose-built rental development, and in-house property management. We maintain and operate a real estate portfolio of purpose-built rental apartments across Western Canada. We believe that everyone deserves a safe, clean, and sustainable place to live. With a mission to create accessible living in the most desired locations, we aim to provide a quality of life and offer tenants units that are thoughtfully designed, spacious, and secure.

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Woodsmere is a vertically integrated holding corporation specializing in land acquisitions, multi-family design, purpose-built rental development, and in-house property management. Our partnership with sister company W&J Construction Ltd. strengthens our competitive advantage over competitors by imparting intimate knowledge of our building’s construction. This advantage transcends construction, continuing into the lifespan of our buildings to better serve our tenant’s needs. The Woodsmere carsharing Corp program is a station-based electric car service for tenants. This amenity strengthens our commitment to affordability and sustainability by providing our tenants access to an electric car without the financial burden of vehicle ownership.

W&J Construction
Founded in 1985, W&J Construction Ltd. is an award-winning building company recognized for its technological “know-how”, innovative spirit, and quality housing. The company roots are well established in residential construction and land development including both single and multi-family projects. To date, W&J Construction has handled the development all of Woodmere’s properties.
Woodsmere Carsharing
Woodsmere Carsharing Corp is a carsharing program exclusive to Woodsmere Vancouver Island tenants. With a fleet of Chevy Bolt 100% electric vehicles, Woodsmere carsharing provide an affordable and convenient alternative to private vehicle ownership.
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In 2007, Principals of Woodsmere Holdings Corporation and W & J Construction Ltd., Daniel and Sandra Jadresko, added some European flare by purchasing several properties in Split, Croatia. With Croatia having entered the European Union July 1st 2013, these investments are well positioned for significant gain. Jadresko Nekretnine, d.o.o., a subsidiary of the Jadresko corporations is monitoring these European ventures and investments.
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Woodsmere Holdings Corp. is an award-winning company that is continuing to expand its impressive property base. To ensure excellence in our product, we invest in innovation, foresight, integrity, and aggressive performance. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our current list of high-quality projects that are in various stages of development.

The demand for housing in Canada continues to remain high and Woodsmere is excited about our upcoming development projects. Dedicated to quality and novelty, our projects are going to be some of the best builds on the market. Our passion and hard work will be reflected in the quality of our new builds.




1 Accessible
Quality and thoughtfully designed units accommodate various lifestyles and demographics.
2 Location
Strategically located buildings connect tenants to commercial centres, employment nodes, public transit, and recreational amenities.
3 Quality of Life
Providing our tenants with equitable, thoughtfully designed developments that enhance and accommodate their lifestyles and daily life.
4 Sustainable
Comprehensive and modern building practices focus on alternative forms of transportation, either through extensive bicycle facilities or the Woodsmere carsharing program.
5 Quality by Design
Utilizing a variety of high-quality materials, finishes, and colours to achieve a modern and attractive buildings.
6 Safety & Security
Securing access and fob system to the building and parkade. Surveillance system and monitoring. 24/7 on-site management.
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Woodsmere understands the importance of sustainability and takes into account the entire lifecycle of our projects. From site selection to how the end user interacts with their surrounding areas, we look at sustainability holistically.

As part of Woodsmere’s commitment to be more environmentally conscious, we employ a variety of sustainable practices to help reduce our carbon footprint. We adhere to municipal, provincial, and federal regulations, as well as meet and exceed local building practices and building codes. Additionally, we have spent an extensive amount of time over the years ensuring that our projects have the best quality products to generate better building practices.

When selecting a site for our projects, our primary concern is to locate a spot that is easily accessible for our tenants both by walking and cycling, as well as major transit stops and shopping centres. For our British Columbia properties, we offer a carsharing program to further reduce air pollution, congestion, and costs for tenants.

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